Thursday, May 27, 2010

Radical Steps

Things are/aren't going as planned. I have been with Ashton for almost a month now, and it's going good I mean besides the point where I am telling him that I care about him a lot and I get the response "Uh Huh". I don't understand that very much. I mean wouldn't you like a something more then two words and possibly an explanation or something? But, besides that he's again amazing and I do like I said before care about him deeply. Things that aren't going as I thought would be school. I had been sick for about a week and had to miss school. The bad part besides being sick is that this week is finals and next week is graduation. Well the bad part might also be that my ovaries are bad and I have to have surgery to have them removed. I would like to have the option of having kids some day but right now I am in the dark.

Back to graduation. I'm sure that I will pass. Okay secret time. I have not been as honest with Ashton as I should. Being that he believes that I graduated high school in 09'. Truth as you know being that I graduate next week. I have done well at covering it up until now and my sickness has also been a good cover up being that I'm home sick and not in class. Friday I am suppose to be spending the night with him. I believe that I have bacterial vaginosis again, which is basically like a yeast infection so I'm on antibiotics which will give me a yeast infection so I just took a pill for that as well. My problem is that I am sleeping over at Ashton's on Friday and in doing so you know what is going to happen, we are going to have lots of sex and I'd rather not have disgusting discharge during that.

It's just complicated nothing with me is simple the only thing that I have to go for me is my relationship and work and college in the fall.

But confession time: I am falling for him and I doubt that the feeling is mutual.

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WOW, my blogs are horribly love related and I don't even try to steer in that direction.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dating an Older Man

SO the guy I am dating now we have only been on 2 dates but tonight I am spending the night with him, no we aren't having sex, at least we didn't plan on it which is good. He's a gentleman and I think I can grow to care about him on a deeper level. I feel that in these past few weeks I had a wake up call. I'm not looking for a relationship. Not saying I don't want one, but I'm not looking. So anyways back to this guy, he's 23 that's 5 years older then me and he's amazing.
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Rules to dating an older guy that I have picked up asking around:

1. Take it Slow: because the slower you go you have more to learn from each other and if you go to fast you seem easy as well as there is no mystery left.
2. Don't Label it: He's not your boyfriend until he says hes your boyfriend dating and being in a committed relationship are two completely different things. Difference is with dating he can disappear and he doesn't have to call but in a relationship there is a lot of emotion involved, most other guys don't jump into relationships
3 Make Him Want You: This means mentally, emotionally, physically. Giving it up to quickly can make him know he already had you. Dress like its a first date all the time but don't over do it, no flashy makeup be real no one likes a plastic.
4. Don't use the L-Word: Not at all don't use it until he uses it first not even when saying I love hanging out with you. Your in love when you have only been dating for a little while.
5. He already Knows what he Wants: If it doesn't work out remember he has had a lot of experience and has dated longer thus he knows what he wants don't be offended if you aren't what he wants just keep looking.
6. DON'T be Clingy: Clinginess is considered immature and childish. Calling or texting him every five minutes is ridiculous and suffocating. Your not in a relationship yet so there's no need to know what he's doing every five seconds. If you are in a committed relationship give him space like you need your girl time guys need their guy time, plus if you see or talk to someone every day things can get boring.