Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm six feet from the edge and i'm thinking...

Maybe six feet ain't so far down



Just want to cry

As She Helps The OpeNess

Is it possible for a heart to be broken when it belongs to someone else?
I'm giving you everything I have, and again its not enough
Am I forgotten or am I just some pawn?
Am I what's now and not what is?
And if so am I dreaming and this is all for not?
So watch me fall apart before your eyes
While I live your dream not mine

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Not Cool

Lindsey Lohan sentenced to 90 days only has to serve 2 weeks because of over crowding, now if i was sentenced the same day she was I would so complain on the fact that she gets out early just because shes rich and really not that famous I mean come on she hasn't done anything but party these last few years ranking up DUIs and violating probation.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



Move In

Move in with me he says.
I love you, he does not say.
Make sense, no.
Confused, much.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Mom

Is crazy.
End of Story

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

With or Without

I have come to a striking conclusion that I would like to tell you. I want a future that is my own and its what I want you beside me. I thought that you should know I want you standing at the finish line waiting for me. I want to see you happy and help you achieve your dreams and goals in life but I also want you there for me. I don't know where you stand on that but I hope that you are standing with me. The thing is that I am not going to wait and see if I matter that much to. I am to important to myself to lose everything that I have worked for for someone that won't be there to help me achieve.
I love you. But if it comes to it I will follow my own path and we will go our separate ways.

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But thank God that we aren't there yet. But that time will come and we both will have to make our decisions.

I love him

And I believe he loves me too I love you so much. You are amazing and I am happy that I have you you are everything i could ask for.

Monday, July 5, 2010

We had a slight argument

Well seems like every time we do it has to do with him saying before "i can't see a future with you" anyways it was interesting it all started because i was talking to one of my exes who i still wanted to be friends with but he loves me and wanted more so this is how it went:

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[22:00] Me: yea but to be honest i dont not want him in my life
[22:00] Him: well than push him out
[22:00] Me: i want him in my life cuz idk he cares about me
[22:00] Him: said you dont want him in your life
[22:01] Me: i said i dont not want him in my life
[22:01] Him: oh okay right
[22:01] Me: he loves me its weird
[22:02] Him: yeah
[22:02] Me: but its nice to be loved
[22:03] Him: yeah
[22:03] Me: yea...
[22:04] Him: well keep him in your life just tell him theres no future
[22:04] Me: and there is one with you?
[22:04] Him: dont turn this to me and you its about you and him me and you are different thing
[22:05] Me: how so?
[22:05] Him: we just started 2 months ago!
[22:05] Me: forget it
[22:06] Him: sheash girl were fine were good I think were good at least
[22:07] Me: but no future
[22:07] Him: .........I dont see me getting rid of you dear
[22:08] Me: but i dont see you saying you wont either. you avoid it. you could say i do now. unless you still don't
[22:09] Him: honey i like you god i wish that was enough!
[22:10] Me: i love you and i want to be enough.
[22:11] Him: okay so whats the problem?
[22:11] Me: forget it i dont want to argue
[22:12] Him: *sighs* I just want yah to be happy dear
[22:13] Me: im confused i know you like me but i dont see why someone would want to be with somone they dont see a future with it bothers me
[22:14] Him: cause I try to enjoy the moment cause you know what...I've been in serrious relationships and they end abruptly SO I cant help it if I dont exactly jump right in life for a future right off the bat
[22:15] Me: im not them you cant expect me to be like them
[22:15] Him: okay than
[22:16] Me: so why are you
[22:16] Him: why are i what?
[22:16] Me: expecting us to be like that
[22:17] Me: ending abruptly
[22:17] Him: hmmmm if i push a button and a red light comes on every time i think all buttons gonna turn on a red light get it?
[22:17] Me: youve pushed all of my buttons im in love with you! so whats the problem
[22:19] Him: ha your crazy thats what
[22:19] Me: w.e
[22:20] Him: i have no clue with you drive me crazy lol
[22:20] Me: im honest i just dont want to be hurt ive thrown everything on the table with you and still nothing im 100% real with you
[22:22] Him: what the hell i cant say i love you and not mean it...thats wrong what left on the table is there?! I'm here I'm trying
[22:23] Me: i didnt ask you to say i love you but you didnt tell me that you can see a future
[22:23] Him: we have got to quit getting into this convo week in and week out
[22:23] Me: it never is resolved you never answered it can you or not?
[22:24] Him: yes god if it wasnt noticable
[22:24] Me: i wanted you to say it
[22:25] Him: ugh cant just roll with things
[22:25] Me: sorry if it bothers me
[22:25] Him: you make me grind my teeth you pain in the ass :p but your my pain in the ass
[22:25] Me: your like pulling teeth
[22:26] Him: *middle finger*
[22:26] Me: love you too
[22:27] Him: haha
[22:27] Me: seems like you do so if you dont say it i feel it so yea

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I love the way you Lie.

I wish you would just like to me instead of leading me on like this to be honest its driving me crazy.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Somethings should be a secret...I'm not one of them.

I told you that I love you but it doesn't seem to change anything. I have not seen you tell anyone that I'm your girlfriend and I'm not going to tell your friend on Facebook if your not willing too, I don't think its my place.

We had a great day tonight, two months and going strong. But how strong is strong if no one knows we are still together?

Is it worth it?

Idk anymore.

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