Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today Seems to Just be Dragging along...

I'm sitting at work listening to Pandora radio, right now Sum 41 is playing...
"I don't want to waste my time being another tragedy in society."

I think I'm going to get back into the habit of blogging because it seems to be my only outlet at the moment. I'm following two blogs, well they are currently starting back up, seems like everyone is having a dry spell in terms of posts, not just me.
Just in case you are interested they are
Wish You Were Her(e):
Yummy Secrets:
What has been getting to me I guess is that no one really reads mine, I guess that's not entirely a bad thing cause I started writing hoping no one would be but Ive noticed that by following those blogs that they get a lot out of people reading them and I don't know its a form of therapy and followers sympathize with you cause they could possibly be going through the same crap that you are.
Well this past week has been interesting to say the least. In terms of school I have a hold on my record which is not allowing me to register for my classes for the Spring semester, that in itself sucks majorly. I have made friends at school 90% of which are guys and one I have taken a liking to, ( No I am not over my ex, not completely that is).
In terms of work things have been pretty lack luster to say the least. My cousin has gotten a job here, he works in the kitchen, and right now he has not shown up for work and they are extremely short handed to the point that people are calling, and coming up here complaining, asking me to call his house or have my mother go over there and have him come into work. I think, rather i know he won't be employed her for long.
When it comes to my home life things seem to be moving forward some my mom is still working a lot picking up extra shifts anywhere she can, she said its for Holiday money but I have a strong feeling that its because we are far behind in the bills and we are about to lose everything. The bright side of things is that my step dad is finally after two years doing something to carry his weight. My mom and him are doing a paper route and yea I know I said my mom and him but that's because its a lot of work for one person to do, and my lil brother is even helping them out when he is not in school they leave the house around 1am and get home about 6am. I would help but I work at 10am on weekends and on weekdays I have classes that start at 8am and my school is about an half an hour away.
My love life, it has been having more downs then ups, my ex and I did not get back together, nor do i think we ever will until he can learn to let go off all his baggage, but who am I to say that I think I have more issues then the average person times like a billion. But I have met someone else one who I believe has interest in me, I barely know him and we've hung out once but we text and talk on the phone all the time and he also just had a pretty bad break up so I guess what's going through my head is that I wonder if he is really interested in me or if I'm just a rebound, and I could completely understand that if that was the case.The other person I'm interested is is one of my friends that I have made at school, but I have no idea how he feels about me. That is a question that I hope to have answered tomorrow night I'm going to his Halloween party and my costume is cute and sexy all rolled into one so we shall see where that leads.
I seem to have forgotten to say how I've been feeling lately. YAY for no suicidal thoughts, and no cutting that in itself is amazing. Though I did cry myself to sleep one night this week. I don't really know why or what triggered it. I mean have you ever just started crying for no apparent reason, that seems to be happening to me a lot lately. I didn't think it was a bad thing because i believe everyone needs a good cry every now and again just to flush out all the sadness. Then after I really thought about it I guess I have been depressed lately. Maybe things haven't been going as well as I thought they had been. But Maybe this is something that I really need to think about some more and figure out. I know my brain works in strange ways and my logic is usually off like 99.45% of the time so I guess if I think about what is really going on in there this weekend and get back to you guys next week. Cause next week is a new month and a new month means new goals and I still haven't figured those out yet either so until then...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Little Whore

Was a good day i think. I think im better, at least alot better then i was. Not saying im cured or anything but today i wasnt depressed, well that depressed i had a moment, but dont we all i mean thats what make us human right? our moments. So today things were okay lets just leave it at that. Spring semester is coming up i wonder what classes i should take. Better yet spring is coming up i wonder who i should take home ;) yea i know im a little whore, but who can blame me?