Saturday, April 2, 2011

Running til the end..

Yesterday was the FIRST OF THE MONTH.

So with that I have started a new exercise program, well not really a program more like I'm forcing myself to go to the gym. And my boyfriend is going too so that's even better because he's making me go. And watching him lose weight pushes me to want to lose more then him. Competition helps a lot. Plus he is a lot heavier then me hes 260 something and makes me feel small and since he is a guy too he will naturally lose a lot more weight faster then me so that pushes me too.
So last night was the first night we went around 9pm we planned to go at 6am but neither of us heard the alarm clock.

Now I'm just going to stick to the treadmill for now because I heard that that is the quickest way to burn fat. I'm not trying to build muscle so I'm not doing any lifting. Well last night was the first night like I said and I ran a 5k that's 3.10 miles in about 50 minutes I'm going to try to beat that every time I get on so that way I can set goals for myself not only in my weight but also in the gym. I only burned like 250kcal which pissed me off my boyfriend ran the same 5k and burned over 500kcal so I don't know if that has to do with his weight because the program on the treadmill asked us to put in our weight so maybe that's a factor I don't know but I'm hoping to burn more tonight.

So gym every night til I lose this weight.
right now I am 154lb.( I know its disgusting)

I am aiming for 150 by next week Sunday.
its written on my wrist for motivation :)
Wish me luck... and I'll keep you posted!!!


  1. Weight is probably the reason he burned 500cals, especially at 260 it makes a huge difference :) Good luck with all your goals <3