Thursday, April 7, 2011

Penny for Your Heart

Sitting at work coming to grips with how unhappy I am with my life and what's happening in it now.

I am broke working way too much.

I feel that my grades in school are slipping. It is my second semester in college and I am already going to have to repeat another class. So there i money and time I don't gave down the drain. Which brings me to my goal for leaving this god awful state of Florida and away from my distant family who just so happens to live 3 minutes away from me, so really they are immediate family. I don't necessarily want to leave my mom and my brother but everyone else here I need to get away from. But at this rate I'm not going anywhere.

My love life has not improved at all, at least in the ways that I want it to. My relationship with my boyfriend is great all except one component. He does not love me, he cares about me but that is all. And I know that it is wrong to pressure someone into loving you, but I really need this right now.

My weight is still as crazy high as ever and its not going down at all. and it frustrates me. My boyfriend doesn't seem to help any, bringing home fried chicken and ice cream.

Also my boyfriend and my living situation right now SUCKS. At the moment because he does not have a car I am staying with him. He is now renting a room in a 60yr old woman's house. It's a nice house don't get me wrong but I cannot come and go as I please considering a lot of my things are there. I can only be there when he is there and that is not convenient considering that he lives 30minutes away from my parents house. That means that from school I'd have to go to my mom's house instead of where my clothes and computer is until he gets off work at 8pm. Which I honestly hate. He is not trying to find us another place, and he says that he wants us to live together but nothing is happening. I am ready to just say fuck it and move away to an apartment by myself or move back home.

I am currently getting more hours at work so I hope things start to look up.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that things aren't so good just now but hopefully they will get better. If you're boyfriend really wants to live with you then why don't you look for some apartments and show them to him. If he seems disinterested or vague then just do it on your own. It seems harsh but maybe when he realises you are going to do it without him it will open his eyes a little.

    Hope that helps